March 2007

3/29/07-4/1/07: Trip to TX.

3/20/07-3/25/07: Trip to LA.

3/2/07: Joanna did her little turn on the catwalk for Kristin Dinnis of KD Designs in a fashion show at 702 DWNTWN.

3/1/07: Read the comics before the movie! Visit the Villikon Chronicles website for more info on the comics behind the movies. Also stop by the official site for the Villikon Chronicles: Genesis of Evil movie in which Joanna plays the Imperium Computer Authority. Bryan J. Kinnaird, creator/writer/executive producer of the Villikon Chronicles had this to say about her:Joanna was absolutely striking on the set as the holographic template for the military’s Advanced Warning Network… Her character was derived from the pages of VILLIKON CHRONICLES Book #1… We were lucky to find an actress who would accomodate such a small role and become what had only beeen glimpsed as hauntingly seductive eyes in the series. Joanna was perfect!”


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