May Newsletter

I’m really excited to announce that for the first time ever I’ll be on a major network on national TV! Watch me in “Maneater” on Lifetime this weekend! It premieres Saturday, 5/30, and Sunday, 5/31, at 9pm/8c. You’ll also see my good friend Jimmy Flowers in the miniseries, so don’t miss it!

Right now I have 2 commercials running in Arizona. One is a PSA for drunk driving and the other is a commercial for the Arizona Education Council that you REALLY have to look for me in because I’m wearing a blonde wig! See photos from the set on my website in the acting gallery.

Aurilia Arts just released a new teaser trailer for “Avé Maria!” Check it out here.

This month I’m very grateful to say that I booked and filmed my first gig in California! It’s an infomercial for a mortgage company that will be shown here locally.

I’ve decided to make my newsletter monthly and to also include a recommendation of the month! This month’s recommendation is one of my favorite websites that always brings a smile to my face: Cute Overload. The blog is updated daily with photos and videos that will brighten your day!

With love,



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