June Newsletter

For the first time ever, a movie I worked on has limited theatrical release! Starting on June 25th, see me as Adrianna in “The Crypt” alongside Cristen Irene, Sarah Oh, Michael Ranallo, Abra May, and Delaina Stevens. Visit the Crypt Official Website to see a list of cities it will be playing in and check your local theater listings for showtimes.

I am very grateful and happy to announce that I have booked the role of “Purple” in “8 Shades of Alice”, a rendition on Layon Gray’s award winning play “Diary of a Catholic School Dropout!” The play centers on Alice, a young girl who creates characters in her mind on the day she decides to commit suicide. It will perform at the Whitmore Lindley Theatre Sundays at 5pm, July 12-August 9.

If you didn’t get a chance to see me in Lifetime’s “Maneater”, you can now watch it online! I’m in part two about 45 minutes in.

I need your help! I just had an amazing headshot shoot with Bjoern Kommerall and have narrowed down the hundreds of shots to eight! I would greatly appreciate it if you helped me make the final decision. See them here and tell me which 1-3 stand out to you the most! Next month I will announce which pics got the most votes.

I tend to get pretty bored with my workouts and found a cure for that after experiencing an outdoor fitness bootcamp led by Tammy Katz, a dynamic woman with great energy! I recommend this workout to anyone looking to change up their routine. It’s invigorating to be outside and there’s definitely something about a group of people who are all together going for the same goals! Numerous fitness bootcamps are in just about every city now; search your area and try it out!

With love,

p.s. I’m on Twitter now – follow me! You can also add me as a friend on Myspace and Facebook.


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