June 2009

6/30/09: Joanna’s scene with Sarah Chalke from Lifetime’s “Maneater” can now be viewed at her YouTube Channel.

6/28/09: Joanna attended a performance of Layon Gray’s “Diary of  Catholic School Dropout” at the Whitmore-Lindley Theatre Center.

6/25/09: “The Crypt” starts a limited theatrical release tonight at Pollack Tempe Cinema at 8pm! The next cities the film will be released in can be found at the film’s website.

6/17/09: Rehearsals for “8 Shades of Alice” begins today.

6/14/09: Matt Paden has cast Joanna in his next film “Trixie Woo” to be shot in October with Joanna in the title role.

6/13/09: You can now see the trailer for “The Crypt” on Apple.com!

6/10/09: Joanna has been cast in Layon Gray’s “8 Shades of Alice” performing at the Whitmore-Lindley Theatre Center Sundays at 5pm, July 12-August 9.

6/7/09: Famed photographer Bjoern Kommerell shot Joanna in downtown LA.

6/4/09: Joanna attended a screening of the short film “Cowboy Dreams” starring Bill Engvall and Danny Trejo at the Dances with Films Fest.


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