Actress JOANNA KE is the Newest Talent to Explode on Indie Film Scene

Asian-American Actress Appearing in Theaters Now in “The Crypt”

and Coming Soon “Avé Maria” and “Villikon Chronicles: Genesis of Evil”

Los Angeles (July X, 2009) – Actress JOANNA KE is exploding onto the indie scene with one film currently in theaters, two in post, and another one about to start.

Ke is trying to escape alive in the new horror film “The Crypt,” currently in limited theatrical release and due out on DVD this August. Ke portrays one of the six young criminals who set out to raid the hidden catacombs underneath their town, only to discover some unexpected inhabitants protecting the precious belongings.

”What I really like about working on indie films is that it’s a very laid-back atmosphere. Everybody on-set can joke around with each other and no one’s taking themselves too seriously, but at the same time everyone is focused and professional when it comes time to work because we’re all there for the project,” Ke explains.

Ke will be fighting for her life again in the upcoming thriller “Avé Maria,” scheduled for release next year after hitting the festival circuit. When an intelligent college student experiences a sudden tragedy and loses his grip with reality, he begins a downward spiral becoming a sadistic serial killer. Ke falls victim to the killer when she unknowingly sparks his interest because of the one link that ties all his victims together.

Coming soon, Ke brings a graphic novel series character to life in the film adaptation “Villikon Chronicles: Genesis of Evil,” created by Bryan J. Kinnaird. Originally drawn as only a pair of eyes in the sci-fi serial, Ke fleshes out the ship’s computer into the fully realized character, Sector Holo Command Chief Kymri Tryon.

Creator/Executive Producer Kinnaird explains, “Joanna was absolutely striking on the set as the holographic template for the military’s Advanced Warning Network. Her character was derived from the pages of VILLIKON CHRONICLES Book #1. We were lucky to find an actress who would accommodate such a small role and become what had only been glimpsed as hauntingly seductive eyes in the series. Joanna was perfect!”

Ke dreamed of becoming an actress, but always believed she was too shy for a career in front of the camera.  So, after graduating high school, the Houston native moved to Arizona to study digital media production at the Art Institute of Phoenix. It wasn’t until some fellow classmates convinced her to act in some of their projects that Ke put her fears aside and changed her creative direction. She began studying acting, booked some professional jobs and quickly earned a stellar reputation in the acting community in Arizona. Earlier this year, Ke landed a role opposite Sarah Chalke and Leisha Hailey in the Lifetime television miniseries “Maneater,” directed by Timothy Busfield and based on the book of the same name by Gigi Levangie. It was immediately after this production that Ke made the decision to move to Los Angeles and she hasn’t stopped working since.

Currently, Ke can be seen on stage in “8 Shades of Alice,” a play by Layon Gray based on his award-winning play “Diary of a Catholic School Dropout.” The show runs Sundays at 5pm through August 9 at the Whitmore-Lindley Theatre Center in North Hollywood.

And later this fall, Ke will begin production as the title role in the comedy short “Trixie Woo.” When a lonely geek hires an unlucky escort, the most improbable pairing might just result in a perfect match.

Joanna Ke is repped by Scottie Ward at Coast Creative Management.

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