“Avé Maria” Accepted into NYC Horror Film Fest

AveChris Aurilia’s directorial debut feature film, “Avé Maria“, will premiere at the New York City Horror Film Festival on November 21, 2009 at 6pm.


Avé Maria follows an average man as he embarks on his journey to right wrongs, and in his opinion purify humanity. After he comes to the realization that his fiancé has been unfaithful, this calm and well mannered man becomes enraged and his only goal is revenge. In the process of plotting his revenge he decides to use his knowledge of film and psychology to document his journey. After he has fulfilled his need, he turns his sights onto others who are engaging in immoral behaviors and in doing so creates the first Crimeumentary.


The film stars Jason Spisak, Joanna Ke, Jose Rosete, Davina Joy, Mike Ranallo, Delaina Stevens and Krysten Jackson.


Watch the teaser trailer:


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