December 2009 Newsletter

It’s hard for me to believe that 2009 is almost over. This year has been a big transition for me and I expect 2010 to be an even bigger year!

A lot of people have asked me what’s going on with the “Villikon Chronicles: Genesis of Evil” movie, and there’s finally a couple teaser videos available! Check them out at my YouTube channel. It’s possible that the audio might not be working. So, if that link doesn’t work, try this one.

I recently had the opportunity to see a film that many people have recommended to me. I’m so grateful to the filmmakers who created it, because it has a message I think we all need to hear. If you get a chance, watch “Food, Inc”. I think it’s important that we all become more conscious of what we partake in and what kind of world we’re creating. Another eye-opening film along the same lines is “The Beautiful Truth”. For this holiday season, I recommend that you take the time to watch one or both of these insightful documentaries for not just your own health, but the well-being of the world.

Happy Holidays and may 2010 bring you all the joy and abundance you deserve!!



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