February 2010 Newsletter

I’ve been purposefully postponing sending out February’s newsletter, because I have a few things cooking right now that I wanted to be able to tell you about. Looks like that will have to wait a little longer! Don’t be surprised if you get an email from me sooner rather than later with some good news ☺

Maneater” is officially out on DVD. You can purchase it online at Amazon and I’m sure you can find it at other websites as well. I play Phoebe in the second half of the movie. Also catch my friend Jimmy Flowers as the waiter in the beginning of the movie!

I recently completed a liver cleanse and I feel AWESOME! I’ll also never look at olive oil the same, haha! If you’ve ever done one, you know what I mean. I’ve wanted to do a liver cleanse for a while and was inspired by my dear friend, Aviva Shira, to finally take the plunge. Aviva is the new Director of Education of the Culture of Life Institute at the Tree of Life, a spiritual, vegan raw and live food retreat center. This month, I recommend that you give juice feasting, a detox, or any type of cleanse a try. You’ll be amazed at how good you feel after just a couple days of clearing out the pollution, processed foods, and negative energy we can absorb. Check out Aviva’s Blog to read her own experience with the liver cleanse and what it entails. Also see Courtney Pool’s Blog! She works at the Tree of Life, too, and has lots of experience with juice feasting.

With love,



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