March 2010 Newsletter

I have wonderful news! I’ve booked a commercial!! It’s for a company that does cable, internet, and phone. I am ever so grateful to be working on this. Filming is this week and I’ll let you know more details when I can. From what I know now, it will only air in 5 cities since the company isn’t national. Also, the SyFy project I was working on did not pan out. In the end, I’m happy because it means that I’m meant to be doing something more important!

I was introduced to raw food about 6 months ago and my diet is about 80% raw/vegan now. Before that, I had only briefly heard of raw food but had no idea what it was! I imagined people eating bits of raw meat and dining on carrots and celery – NOT very appealing! I always disagreed with the idea that “if it tastes good, it must be bad for you.” Fortuitously, I found out that having a raw food diet is NOTHING like what I had thought! A raw diet is consists of eating uncooked, unprocessed and, ideally, organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and grains. The main reason for not cooking the food is because all those wonderful enzymes that help us digest are destroyed when heated above 118 degrees. I want to share a recipe for raw chocolate mousse with you that I hope you will try! I’ve been making it a lot lately, because chocolate is the BEST and WHO can say no to a totally healthy AND yummy dessert?? Click Here for the recipe and let me know what you think! This month, I recommend you give raw food a go and feel the difference when you eat live, whole foods.

With love,



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